Investment 1

Primarily residential portfolio situated in central Copenhagen. 80% residential, 20% commercial properties.

Investment 2

Primarily residential portfolio situated in central Copenhagen with other properties situated in Sjælland. 85% residential, 15% commercial properties.

Investment 3

Prime residential portfolio situated in the centre of Copenhagen.

Investment 4

Prime residential portfolio of 593 commonhold flats located predominantly in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, with 10% located in Odense and Aalborg.

Investment 5

Primarily residential portfolio located accross Denmark with 40% of the portfolio as commercial properties.

Investment 6

Residential properties located in Valby and Søborg. 166 units in Valby (built in 2007) and 36 brand new town houses...
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Investment 7

One of the most well-known property complexes in the country. Located in the very centre of Copenhagen, this portfolio is...
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Investment 8

Located in Copenhagen South in Ørestad City, C.F. Møllers Allé is a newer asset fully let.

Investment 9

Prime residential portfolio situated in the centre of Copenhagen overlooking the lakes. Comprises 40 residential leases and 2 commercial leases.

Investment 10

Residential asset located in Frederiksberg, one of Copenhagen’s most desirable areas.

Investment 11

Prime residential asset located in a highly desirable and central Copenhagen neighbourhood, Copenhagen East.

Investment 12

87 townhomes located in a residential neighbourhood just 15 minutes west of Copenhagen city centre. Currently converting the townhomes to...
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